Culture of Health

Cali Pressb

There’s truly something special about Cali...

That chilled feel-good vibe and natural positive energy.
Doing your own thing, going your own way… and living your best life now.

We knew there were others like us, looking for a better way to live, feel and be. That’s when making healthy delicious became our passion. Using nothing but natural ingredients. Filling up on the good. Leaving out the bad. It’s the goodness that propels us forward, and drives us to do the right thing for our communities and our planet. We created Cali Press to give you a better option.

Healthy, delicious food shouldn’t be hard to find.

The Cali Values

Live Large

We’re here for those who want to live their best life now.

Keep It Real

Fill up on the good, leave out the bad. House made everything.

Be Green

Do the right thing by everyone - our people, our communities and mother earth.

Good Vibes

Passionate people with positive energy.

Add the Cali Touch

We make healthy delicious.

Cali Pressb

Our Food Ethos...

We never compromise, this means we are always looking to source only the best produce to go into our products every day. Our suppliers are our partners and play a critical role in ensuring we achieve this. We want you to be the best versions of yourself and take great pride in the responsibility of ensuring you achieve this. Through our responsible sourcing decisions, Cali Press is changing the way we eat.

Our products are made from fresh, real wholefoods, superfoods, functional ingredients and supplements to create the most nutrient dense, great tasting breakfasts, lunches, juices and smoothies in Australia.

We make all our warm bowls, salads, sandwiches, salads, açaí bowls, juices, smoothies and even salad dressings 100% from scratch. We press, blend, chop, cook and prepare everything to create our own fresh flavors and the last thing we want are any hidden nasties.

The world of food and health are always evolving, which is why our in-house product development team are always searching for what's great. We are one of the first to introduce hemp foods, gut health tonics and adaptogens to our menu and we'll be one of the first with whatever comes next.

Without a healthy planet we can't be healthy. That's why we implement ethical and sustainable practices on all levels. From compostable packaging that actually gets composted, to ditching plastic straws and incentivising reusable options, we're committed to leading the way.

It's easy to get disconnected from where our food comes from, so we work hard to make sure that doesn't happen. We source the highest quality ingredients, support local farmers, always use free range and choose organic where there's an option.

We love to talk about all the great things we put in our food and drinks but it's just as important to mention what we don't. You won't find any refined sugar, preservatives or anything artificial around here.