Weekly Celery Pack - 315ml
Weekly Celery Pack - 315ml

Weekly Celery Pack - 315ml

Encourage your healthy habits with our new weekly supply of goodness!

Drinking CELERY JUICE every morning on empty stomach will boost your metabolism, alkalise your blood cells, stimulate detoxification and flatten your tummy while Fireball shots will enhance your immune system and protect you from colds and infections.

NOTE: For maximum benefits, drink your daily dose of Celery Juice every day upon waking and wait 15-30min before drinking or eating anything else.

Celery juice assists with:

  • Healing your gut and improving your digestion 
  • Flushing toxins from your liver and help purify your blood stream
  • Reducing inflammation and naturally balances your pH levels
  • Promoting skin health 
  • Enhancing weight loss and reduce fluid retention 

Flu season or not, Fireball wellness shot should be part of everyones self-care ritual to help:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Assist in fighting off cold and viruses

Pack tasting notes

Celery juice has a mild green taste with a small hint of saltiness.
Fireball shot comes with a powerful kick of ginger and oregano oil and pleasant sweet and lemony finish.

What’s in the pack

5x 315ml Pure Celery Juice, 2x Fireball Wellness Shot

  1.  # Celery Juice - 100% Pure Celery
  2. # Celery Juice - 100% Pure Celery
  3. # Celery Juice - 100% Pure Celery
  4. # Celery Juice - 100% Pure Celery
  5. # Celery Juice - 100% Pure Celery
  6. Fireball - Ginger, Echinacea, Lemon, Apple, Oil Of Oregano
  7. Fireball - Ginger, Echinacea, Lemon, Apple, Oil Of Oregano

NOTE: Our cold pressed juices usually only have 3 days shelf life, however, Celery Juice will last up to 5 days as the oxidisation rate is lower.

Number of Packs

5x 315ml, 2x 50ml bottles per week

NOTE: 1x pack is designed to last for 5 days. Fancy more than one week? Select the number of packs/weeks your would like to purchase and you will receive it once a week starting from your chosen delivery date.

Add to your cleanse

Enhance your cleanse with our functional wellness shots or herbal teas.

Fireball Wellness Shot 50ml - $4.90

Glow Wellness Shot 50ml - $4.90

Gut Restore Wellness Shot 50ml - $4.50

Healing Shiitake Broth - $12.50


Delivery & Pick up information

Our juices are cold pressed fresh before your delivery / pick up date and come with a 3 day shelf life.

PICK UP: If you are collecting your cleanse we recommend you start your cleanse that day.

DELIVERY: Deliveries arrive between 5-9pm on your nominated day and you can commence your cleanse on the following day.

PLEASE NOTE: If you drink the juice at a date later than this, the products could expire and be unable to be consumed.


If your juices are not handed to you by our driver because you are not home or at the business address upon delivery we will leave your juices at the front door or according to any special instructions, you have provided. Our driver will take a photo and send it to the phone number listed on your order. Cali Press is not responsible for lost or stolen juices, or product that has been left out for extended periods of time, so please make sure you are aware of your orders delivery date.

We deliver at the following times to residential addresses only (we do not deliver to business addresses):

Monday 5pm – 9pm

Wednesday 5pm - 9pm

Friday 5pm – 9pm

Please note, the stated times may fluctuate by an hour or so on busier delivery days.

Pick Up

We produce our juices fresh the day before at our Juicing facility and deliver to the Cali Press stores the following morning. The Juices must be refrigerated and shouldn’t be out for any longer than 2 hours, so best to plan to pick them up and head home to put them straight in the fridge.

Pick up days are Tuesday and Saturday morning when the store opens. Our recommended pick up time is between 7:00am and no later than 10:00am. For our store opening times click here.